STARS Scholarship &
College Success Program

Scholarship & College Success Program

AGES 12-19

The STARS Scholarship & College Success program is designed to provide students with life skills training in the areas of academic success, leadership and medical adherence.

The STARS Scholarship & College Success program:

  • • Focuses on peer lifestyle influence & self-advocacy training for all students ages 12-19.
  • • Allows students to participate yearly for up to 8 years, with the ability to earn a scholarship award each year.
  • • Provides individual progress assessment through a readiness checklist, group assessment and surveys.
  • • Equips students with leadership skills to move up to the Mentor program upon graduation.
  • • Follows the 9 month school calendar year, September-April, with scholarship awards ceremony every April.

Additionally, all STARS students will have access to:

  • • Emergency Assistance grants to help with unexpected emergencies that would cause a student to go without medication or drop out of school.
  • • Signal Vine message to encourage students, remind them of important due dates and to inspire adherence.
  • • Annual STARS Scholarship and Alumni Celebration - during National Pediatric Transplant Week to recognize scholarship awardees and celebrate college success.
  • • STARS alumni events and gatherings to constantly connect STARS mentors and leaders with the next generation of students.


AGES 20+

STARS Mentors are young adult recipients who have graduated from the STARS program who facilitate and lead the STARS events and activities.

Mentors apply leadership skills learned in the STARS program to:

  • • Build trust with current STARS students
  • • Be encouraging and inspiring
  • • Provide genuine positive feedback and inspire STARS participants to rise above challenges and do important things in their lives

STAR Gazers

AGES 3-11

The STAR Gazers program is a pre-STARS program designed to provide age-appropriate activities, outings, peer connection and friendship to young recipients as a sneak peek into the STARS program.

Through STAR Gazers, young recipients begin to develop awareness as appropriate to their own health conditions, limitations and health care needs.